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Zenva: where kava meets art. Visit Homepage.

Our Mission

Bringing connection through community. Dedicated to healthy living. Raising the vibration of the planet through creative expression, one shell at a time. Together we are something bigger than ourselves.

Anna Martel sitting on chair, smiling

πŸ“ΈΒ @iamcodysmind

Anna Martel

From a young age Anna Martel had a rare creative eye for style & design. In her abstract art as well as her life, she has always colored outside the lines. This gift launched her into a successful business as an international destination wedding planner. She then chose to transition into interior design and styling while raising her two beautiful daughters. After wanting to take a step back from the alcohol driven social scene, she was introduced to Kava. As an entrepreneur with artistic passion and a spirit for healing, Anna had a vision to create an exquisite space where people could come together to be real. She created Zenva to be the escape from the social charade.

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