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Rock Demarco

Performance artist and live painter, Rock Demarco, kick started his career as a small child by plastering graffiti on his parent's walls with crayon. Never a fan of mild-mannered art, Rock instead takes his audience on a wild ride of imagination by challenging them to look at the world through a different window.

Over the past 20 years Rock Demarco has performed his signature Rockstar live painting shows around the globe. He has appeared with countless celebrities including Alice Cooper, KISS, Johnny Depp and many more. Rock has performed for live audiences as large as 200,000 fans. Along with Superbowl and other half-time shows Rock has been featured on all major TV networks (FOX, CBS, ABS, CBS, TNT) and appeared live on Good Morning America where he painted a portrait of Diane Sawyer live. Over 2 million dollars has been raised for charity by the sale of Rock's art at auction with a single piece topping $105,000!

When not touring Rock makes Winter Park Florida his home where he creates detailed studio paintings for collectors he meets out on the road. Rock's work can be found on display in corporate headquarters, airport installations, and private collections of professional ball players, musicians and movie stars.

Paint like a ROCKstar is a non-profit 5013c organization created by Rock and his affluent friends which is dedicated to helping children in hospitals create, explore and dream through art. Art kits and hospital visits help children, especially the ones going through a hard time, utilize art as an outlet to express themselves and takes their minds off the painful treatments they endure.

“Art is music to my eyes.” Rock Demarco

Rock Demarco wearing gloves with brushes as fingers and smiling, with a logo of a skull and two paintbrushes, one with red paint dripping, crossed over his name.
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